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How to add a driving test or mock test to GoRoadie Pro

Want to take a pupil on a mock test or schedule their practice test? We have you covered.

Step by step:

GoRoadie Pro makes it quick and easy for you to add a driving test or mock test for your pupils.

  1. Add a lesson as you normally would, using the quick menu or your diary, then tap "Lesson type".
  2. Choose between a lesson, mock test or driving test.
  3. When you choose "Driving test" you will be asked to enter the official test time. The lesson start and end time will update automatically to an hour before and an hour after the test time. You can customise these to your desired time.
  4. Tap "Add" to confirm the date and time.

You can also schedule a test for a pupil directly from their profile. The progress checklist helps you keep track of your pupils progress so you always know what goal to be working towards next.

  1. Tap on the "Schedule mock test" or "Schedule practical test" from the "Practical test" section. That will bring up the book test screen.
  2. You will be shown a link to book the pupils test on the official DVSA website for convenience.
  3. Add the test details following the steps shown above and you're all set.