Aberdeen Driving Lesson Costs

The average cost of driving lessons in Aberdeen is £36. This means the overall cost of driving lessons could cost you £1,692, for 47 hours of paid tuition.

However, many of the Aberdeen driving instructors on GoRoadie offer bulk bookings that will help drive that price down.

Jeez! I don't want to break the bank, how do I save money? 😳

We hear you, and there are ways to save some cash whilst learning to drive.

Little tips to save money

  • 🏋️‍ Book bulk lessons - You can save yourself £100 just by booking in bulk, so lessons could end up costing £33 / hour rather than £36 / hour. Typically, instructors offer these discounts and you can check on our Aberdeen driving lessons search results to see.
  • ️🚗 Private practice - Jump in a car with a friend or family. Our research has shown that the more time you spend in a car the faster you pass. We understand that it might be difficult driving with family but it will help keep the cost down.
  • ⭐ Stay consistent, don't stop and start - Keep up with your lessons, try and have 2 hours per week and don't take time off. You will be a lot more likely to retain information the more often you have lessons.

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