Driving Instructors using VAUXHALL Merivas across the United Kingdom

Thinking about learning in a VAUXHALL Meriva? Find out the details you need about it and how popular it is to learn to drive across the UK.

Learner drivers often have a preference about learning in particular vehicles. Each car of course is slightly different but to ensure that the learner enjoy's the process they should pick a vehicle that they can see themselves driving.

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Driving Instructors that teach in VAUXHALL Meriva

[#<InstructorProfile id: 1084, first_name: "Haydn", last_name: "Jenkins", dob: "1956-01-30", is_female: false, mobile: "07940328203", adi_number: "182115", car_registration: "AX16ALU", second_car_registration: nil, car_make: "VAUXHALL", is_verified: false, user_id: 1887, created_at: "2019-05-25 22:00:22", updated_at: "2020-12-19 00:02:06", adi_cpd: nil, adi_cop: nil, claim_type: "cold", sign_up_step: "complete", started_teaching: "1992-01-01", availibility: "now", about: "I have been specialising in Automatic & Disability...", profile_picture_file_name: "31564028hj.jpg", profile_picture_content_type: "image/jpeg", profile_picture_file_size: 13657, profile_picture_updated_at: "2019-05-25 22:04:44", car_model: "Meriva", car_colour: nil, car_engine: nil, car_transmission: "automatic", driving_school_name: "Alpha Automatic Specialist Driving tuition", does_allow_bulk_bookings: false, date_taking_bookings_from: "2019-08-01", number_of_free_referrals: 1, search_weight: 3, package_id: 8, has_reviews: false, review_average: 0.0, availability_token: "eeb03db1-a621-4791-8888-f5671de95d65", facebook_url: nil, website_url: nil, registered_address: "59 Sutton Way", adi_badge_file_name: "hpjADI_B.jpg", adi_badge_content_type: "image/jpeg", adi_badge_file_size: 369616, adi_badge_updated_at: "2019-07-17 18:09:58", address_line_2: "", town: "Shrewsbury", country: "England", postcode: "SY2 6EE", is_popular: false, availability_mornings: 1, availability_afternoons: 2, availability_evenings: 2, availability_weekends: 2, is_instructor_of_the_week: false, latitude: 52.6947, longitude: -2.73075, radius: 0.1e2, search_postcode: "SY2 6EE", is_pdi: false, review_count: 0, marked_fully_booked_at: nil, marked_available_booked_at: "2020-12-18 15:29:09", availability_last_updated_at: "2020-12-18 15:29:09", is_teaching_key_workers: true, is_deactivated: false, deactivated_at: nil, deactivated_by_user_id: nil, previous_profile_state: nil, deactivate_reason: nil, driving_school_url: "alpha-automatic-specialist-driving-tuition", is_pending: false, where_did_you_hear_about_us: nil>]