Russian Speaking Driving Instructors in Dundee

Learning to drive with someone that speaks Russian is always a plus - it makes explanations clearer and can help with setting driving expectations.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Dundee with a Russian speaking instructor.

  • Russian speaking Dundee Instructors: 1
  • Average Lesson Price: £55

The number of people in the UK that speak Russian is 36,000, that is 0.1% of the population. In the UK you can start driving at 17, unlike Russia where you must be 18. Both countries there are theory and practical tests required.

Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland and is known as the sunniest city in the country - Sundee they like to call it. GoRoadie was actually created in Dundee, so we are biased.

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Driving Lessons in Dundee

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Jamie Cahill , Dundee

Friendly instructor i had lessons with a previous instructor and was struggling with them. Igor helped me pass my test in 2 months

Benoit Egloff, Dundee

Learning with Igor felt like I was always safe. He is a very dedicated instructor and I felt my success was as important for him as it was for myself. He is a very organised instructor who also will remember for you what you need to work on if, as an inexperienced learner, you may loose track of that sometimes. He also managed to make me feel capable of passing my test successfully from feeling still a little unconfident 5 minutes before. During sessions, Igor is also very good at encourageing you to take ownership of your progress. Igor is highly recommended from a foreign new driver who started all from scratches 3 months before passing 1st attempt!

Stefan smoliakov, Dundee

Igor was very reassuring and helped me over come my fear of driving. He would always ask me on what I wanted to improve and gave me advice on how to fix the mistake I made. I would highly recommend to new drivers.

Susan, Dundee

I had never driven a car and felt a little nervous but Igor was very patient and explained me all I needed to know. He also challenged me to develop my skills rather than just let me stay in my comfort zone. As a result I passed my test first time! I would definatelly recommend Igor as your first driving instructor!

Syed , Dundee

Igor was great,nice friendly instructor helped me to pass my test.

Carina , Dundee

Igor is a great instructor, who helped me pass my test on the first go with confidence. He is patient, friendly/approachable and explains things well. I have been working odd shifts in the past four months and despite this, he has tried to find time for our lessons as much as possible. I would highly recommend Igor as an instructor to anyone learning to drive.

Ryan Henry, Dundee

Igor is an excellent instructor, and helped me gain the skills to become and confident and competent driver on the road. He's very friendly and down to Earth, and flexible with regards to booking lessons. I looked forward to every lesson I had with Igor, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone in the Dundee area looking to learn to drive.

Ammar Hussain, Dundee

Igor was a very good teacher. He gives good constructive criticism and is very honest and genuine in his teaching and helps you reflect. I would recommend him and he helped me pass in my first attempt with only one minor

Ieva Kupcinskaite, Dundee

Igor is an excellent instructor and helped me to pass my driving test by the first attempt with 0 faults. Also has very flexible hours and super friendly.Highly recommended!!

Hannah , Dundee

Igor was a very good instructor. He was calm and clear when giving instructions and very good at encouraging me to become a better driver. I always felt at ease and he helped me improve my driving so that I passed my test. I would definitely recommend him to someone as a driving instructor.

Adrian O, 16.05.2019

I recommend Igir. He is professional and patient. He has an individual apptoach to each student. I passed the exam for the first time

Douglas Leslie, Dundee

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Igor. His teaching was very clear and effective, allowing me to become a competent and confident driver within a short period of 2 months. I would highly recommend Igor and his excellent teaching to anyone looking to pass their driving test.

xue lei, Dundee

I highly recommend Igor. Firstly, he is super professional. He teaches you every details you should know when driving. Most importantly, he is good at guiding you to think and understand every actions you make. It's not just about teaching and learning, but also thinking and understanding why. So it's not only about passing the test, but driving for your whole life. Secondly, Igor is very patient. I am a slow learner and had difficulties with parking. He was very patient with me and helped me to understand why I made mistakes and how to improve it. It was very helpful. Lastly. Igor is flexible about time. Due to my study, I had to take lessons in the early morning. I am very grateful he got up very early to suit my time. To be honest, I had the tests few times before with another instructor, and I couldn't make it. With Igor's help, I passed it the first time. I think it's because he has been strict and encouraging. All in all, i highly recommend Igor.

Natalie Young, Dundee

He was very patient with me and explained everything very well! Our lessons were always really good fun which helped me a lot. He got to know me as a person and was able to teach me in such a way that really helped me!

Marc, Dundee

Igor is very professional and patient. He is thorough. He explains everything well and he is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Raj, Dundee

Igor is a good instructor with good knowledge of what you need to pass your driving test. He is good at spotting your mistakes and helping you amend them quickly. When doing mock tests he is strict with his assessment which prepares you for the test; the test feels much easier in comparison! Overall a very good instructor and would recommend.

Michael Ellwood, Dundee

I recommend Igors highly. He is very clear and effective with instructions. Igors is very helpful when you are struggling and keeps you motivated to getting your driving ability the best it can be for your test day. He is very easy to get along with so i would recommend Igors 10/10.

Jo Lopez, Dundee

Igor was a fantastic instructor! Very calm, clear, friendly and professional. I could not have passed my test without his excellent teaching! He has plenty of patience and enthusiasm, i would definitely recommend Igor to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Many many thanks to Igor!!!

Bob Hughes, Dundee

As with almost all of the other reviewers here, I found Igor to be patient, persistent and punctual. He shows you what's wrong with your driving and how to fix it while keeping you on your toes. In my mid sixties, I'm not the most patient person around, but Igor stuck with me right up to the test. I'd recommend him unreservedly.

Jovelyn, 68 Dunholm Road Dundee

Igor was an amazing instructor! Very professional and knowledgeable, his teaching is excellent! I highly recommend Igor to everyone wanting to learn to drive!

Bala, Dundee

I ve never driven a car before, he s very friendly, punctual and patiently explained if I made mistakes.. the best instructor..

Diane Anderson-Aidoo, Dundee

Igor is very friendly and also strict. He is nice when he has to be and makes sure you get his point without playing about. Overall, he one of the best instructors you can find. I definitely recommend him.

Olegs, Dundee

Igors is friendly and great driving instructor!Driving and learning with him is good and easy.I will recommend him if you want pass your test from first time!

Fraser Kelly , Dundee

Igors was a very friendly instructor who helped me pass my test first time. His instructing style was very patient and detailed, and made sure everything I learned was a good enough level for not just the test but for driving on my own one passed. I would highly recommend.

Rita Indrine, DUNDEE

Igor was great instructor! Learning to drive was not easy for me, however I passed my test from the first time. He makes attention to the detail , so you know how to drive car and how car works. Very punctual , hard working , accomodating and working with aim in his mind - for you to past the test and get better at driving every time. Thank you Igor, because of you I already drive my own car:)