Polish Speaking Driving Instructors in Dundee

Learning to drive with someone that speaks Polish is always a plus - it makes explanations clearer and can help with setting driving expectations.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Dundee with a Polish speaking instructor.

  • Polish speaking Dundee Instructors: 2
  • Average Lesson Price: £27

The number of people in the UK that speak Polish is 546,000, that is 1.0% of the population. Unlike in Poland, the Uk drives on the left and you cannot sit your practical and theory test on the same day.

Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland and is known as the sunniest city in the country - Sundee they like to call it. GoRoadie was actually created in Dundee, so we are biased.

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Driving Lessons in Dundee

[#<InstructorProfile id: 64, first_name: "Michal", last_name: "Winiarski", dob: "1984-09-29", femaile: false, mobile: "07913806559", adi_number: "476937", car_registration: "YB66VHD", car_make: "BMW", is_verified: true, user_id: 67, created_at: "2016-11-24 19:44:38", updated_at: "2020-03-12 09:11:17", adi_cpd: false, adi_cop: false, claim_type: "warm", sign_up_step: "complete", started_teaching: "2014-10-01", availibility: "now", about: "My name is Michal and have recently opened this dr...", profile_picture_file_name: "IMG_0097.JPG", profile_picture_content_type: "image/jpeg", profile_picture_file_size: 114328, profile_picture_updated_at: "2018-04-02 08:52:42", car_model: "1", car_colour: nil, car_engine: nil, car_transmission: "manual", driving_school_name: "Working Way Driving School", does_allow_bulk_bookings: true, date_taking_bookings_from: "2018-11-01", number_of_free_referrals: -8, search_weight: 12, package_id: 2, has_reviews: true, review_average: 4, availability_token: "291e69cc-c16f-4fe5-903a-eb94292e2171", facebook_url: nil, website_url: nil, registered_address: "", adi_badge_file_name: nil, adi_badge_content_type: nil, adi_badge_file_size: nil, adi_badge_updated_at: nil, address_line_2: "", town: "", country: "Scotland", postcode: "", is_popular: false, availability_mornings: 1, availability_afternoons: 1, availability_evenings: 2, availability_weekends: 2, is_instructor_of_the_week: false, latitude: 56.4421, longitude: -2.87392, radius: 0.8e1, search_postcode: "DD6 9DZ", is_pdi: false, review_count: 9, marked_fully_booked_at: nil, marked_available_booked_at: nil, availability_last_updated_at: nil>, #<InstructorProfile id: 1583, first_name: "Marcin", last_name: "Slawicki", dob: "1972-07-18", femaile: false, mobile: "07871470718", adi_number: "605254", car_registration: "SP18LFE", car_make: nil, is_verified: false, user_id: 2570, created_at: "2019-06-28 12:47:51", updated_at: "2020-03-18 07:11:02", adi_cpd: nil, adi_cop: nil, claim_type: "cold", sign_up_step: "complete", started_teaching: "2017-11-01", availibility: "now", about: "I'm a fully qualified ADI registered driving instr...", profile_picture_file_name: "IMG_20180320_095836.jpg", profile_picture_content_type: "image/jpeg", profile_picture_file_size: 2549050, profile_picture_updated_at: "2019-07-03 15:24:46", car_model: nil, car_colour: nil, car_engine: nil, car_transmission: "manual", driving_school_name: "", does_allow_bulk_bookings: true, date_taking_bookings_from: "2019-01-01", number_of_free_referrals: 1, search_weight: 13, package_id: 8, has_reviews: true, review_average: 5, availability_token: "d7ff7b1a-8245-4790-b579-ad176ee599a8", facebook_url: nil, website_url: nil, registered_address: "", adi_badge_file_name: nil, adi_badge_content_type: nil, adi_badge_file_size: nil, adi_badge_updated_at: nil, address_line_2: "", town: "Dundee", country: "Scotland", postcode: "", is_popular: false, availability_mornings: 0, availability_afternoons: 0, availability_evenings: 0, availability_weekends: 2, is_instructor_of_the_week: false, latitude: 56.5016, longitude: -2.72296, radius: 0.1e2, search_postcode: "DD7 7PR", is_pdi: false, review_count: 5, marked_fully_booked_at: nil, marked_available_booked_at: nil, availability_last_updated_at: nil>]


Edzia Carvalho Mansell , Dundee

If Michal can teach me to drive, he can teach anyone to drive. I started not knowing the difference between the clutch and the brake and using the gas pedal instead of the brake (yes, we had quite a few hairy situations). Michal's patience, enthusiasm, and constant efforts to explain things in a way that helped me learn is incredible. He is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from and just a wonderful person. Today I passed my driving test on my first attempt and it is all because of his unwavering efforts on my behalf. Thank you, Michal!

Beth Vallance , Dundee

110% I would recommend Michal for anyone learning how to drive. Really did believe I wouldn't be able to do it but he puts continuous faith in you and teaches you to his best ability. Very pleased I was able to learn with him. Thanks Michal! xx

Scott Lynn Mcmahon, Dundee

We bought our daughter an intensive driving course with Michal for her Christmas. After having lessons over the years with other instructors she was a little apprehensive. After lesson one she she was delighted to say Michals way of teaching was far superior. He is very calm and takes his time to explain each process. She passed her test after only a couple of weeks with no minors. I would highly recommend Michal to anyone looking to drive, he is very approachable and very patient. Thank you Michal

Scott McCrimmon, Dundee

I'm very happy to have had Michal as an instructor. His extensive knowledge of the road and relaxed, friendly manner allowed me to quickly build confidence and understanding - I'll definitely be recommending Michal to other learners.

Manan Shakir‎ , Dundee

Michal Winiarski wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Mike to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was incredibly anxious, however Mike was reassuring when teaching me. Learning to drive was something I was really keen to do and I am so pleased I had Mike to teach me such an important skill. Thank you so much again!

Ameera, Dundee

Michal was a great instructor. He taught me how to be a safe driver and helped me pass first time with no minors in under 3 months!

Laura, Dundee

I could not have asked for a better instructor! After being with previous instructors Michal was a breath of fresh air. He brought back the joys of driving for me as there was never a dull moment. Michal is so patient, understanding and works on any weaknesses you have until you feel comfortable. He pushed me towards my potential for a first time pass. I will miss his funny stories and banter. Thank you so much!

Terri Johnstone, Dundee

After starting out with a previous instructor i was completely put off by the whole experience. Once i felt confident again i contacted Michal who was so understanding from the first lesson! Not only is he a brilliant instructor he is genuinely once of the nicest people i have met! He gives 100% into making sure that you feel totally comfortable in everything that the lessons involves, i will miss our weekly banter! I honestly believe if i didn't contact Michal i would never have passed my test, especially first time! Thank You Michal!

Howard, 138d hilltown dundee

There is great room for improvement on professionalism and customer service with Michal. I had a fairly good experience with him until it all turned very sour. With only 1 working day to my test, Michal said he would not allow me use his car because he couldn’t trust me with keeping his car safe. ( his words were ‘too many major faults’ - even though I felt ready for a test). His solution was that I went to hire an Arnold Clark car for my test, we parted ways with a rather cold and awkward goodbye, as I left his car. (He just didn’t care, he had nothing to loose, he had been paid, even in excess). This was the last ever time I spoke to him. Michal would have fully known as an instructor with years of experience, that I couldn’t just hire an Arnold Clarke car for a test as their policy requires atleast 2 hours of hire on a different day prior to a test. I also would have needed a driver with over 3 years of experience to hire a car with me. Given all of these requirements which I found out on my own in a desperate attempt to make sure I did my test. Michal showed zero empathy or support, (not a message over the weekend or after the supposed test date to see if I had sorted anything out) considering that I had spent over 40 hours with him costing me over £1000. Michal’s attitude was pretty much a ‘whatever! good luck with sorting yourself out, not my problem) Of course I had already paid in full so he had nothing to loose. This situation caused me so much stress as I tried desperately to find a solution over the weekend. No instructors would take me on, I didn’t have any friends either that were in a position to help out, because it was last minute. I ended up not going for my test, obviously lost my money too. Thanks to the founders of goroadie, who recommended another instructor, who wasn’t just an instructor but showed good understanding and empathy for a learner driver like me. I now have my drivers licence. Michal is a good instructor , it was the only reason I stuck with him that long. Just wish his skills in empathy and service was as good.

Anglo FC, Dundee

I undertook my driving lessons with Claypotts and was not disappointed. For my instructor I had marcin, who I got along very well and who also managed to turn me from a nervous mess into a calm and collected driver. With Marcin he managed to help me pass my test after Approx 14 hours of lessons. Also, After I failed my test the 2nd time because of a small stupid reason. Out of frustration I contacted Marcin and Claypotts and they were ever so kind to offer a free lesson to help me focus on the area that made me fail my test. All around a great company, with a good ethic and friendly admin staff and instructors. Would definitely recommend for anyone in the Dundee area!

Steven Dunn, Dundee

I would like to say a massive thank you to Marcin, who has been teaching me to drive the last couple of months and it has paid off today. Would highly recommend Marcin as an instructor.

Elzbieta Jagodzinska, Dundee

I had Marcin as driving instructor. Brilliant person, calming, he gave me lots of useful tips so I passed my test 1st time. Highly recommend!!

Connor Herd, Dundee

Passed my test today. My instructor Marcin, was truly first class. The staff in the office we're friendly and helpful. My lessons proceeded at a good pace. And when I failed my first test due to, as the examiner put it "pure bad luck". Marcin encouraged me, and knew I could do the test no problem. And so I passed fairly easily just a few weeks later. Can highly recommend this company to anyone looking for driving lessons. P.S. I had 16 lessons in total. Not including the tests themselves.

Nikola, Dundee Test Centre

Great instructor, very patient and kind. The lessons have always been adapted to my current needs/problems. Marcin was always able to manage to set lessons with me despite my busy schedule. Would highly recommend to everyone :).