Polish Speaking Driving Instructors in Aberdeen

Learning to drive with someone that speaks Polish is always a plus - it makes explanations clearer and can help with setting driving expectations.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Aberdeen with a Polish speaking instructor.

  • Polish speaking Aberdeen Instructors: 1
  • Average Lesson Price: £30

The number of people in the UK that speak Polish is 546,000, that is 1.0% of the population. Unlike in Poland, the Uk drives on the left and you cannot sit your practical and theory test on the same day.

Aberdeen was named as Mercer's 5 livable cities in Britain and one of the top eight cities leading the United Kingdom's economy. Aberdeen has the lowest unemployment in Scotland.

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Driving Lessons in Aberdeen

[#<InstructorProfile id: 760, first_name: "Karol", last_name: "Trzcinski", dob: "1983-01-20", femaile: false, mobile: "07746261049", adi_number: "725736", car_registration: "EO18SHV", car_make: "Ford", is_verified: true, user_id: 1344, created_at: "2019-02-15 11:09:52", updated_at: "2020-07-14 21:40:13", adi_cpd: nil, adi_cop: nil, claim_type: "warm", sign_up_step: "complete", started_teaching: "2016-01-01", availibility: "now", about: "Hi, I am your local Driving Instructor. I offer go...", profile_picture_file_name: "IMG_5580.JPG", profile_picture_content_type: "image/jpeg", profile_picture_file_size: 773178, profile_picture_updated_at: "2019-02-21 16:10:48", car_model: "fiesta", car_colour: nil, car_engine: nil, car_transmission: "manual", driving_school_name: "SimpL Driving School", does_allow_bulk_bookings: true, date_taking_bookings_from: "2019-01-01", number_of_free_referrals: 1, search_weight: 3, package_id: 8, has_reviews: true, review_average: 0.5e1, availability_token: "8274dd39-78a0-407b-8273-5de8a60fa4aa", facebook_url: nil, website_url: nil, registered_address: "", adi_badge_file_name: "IMG_5545_2311_.jpg", adi_badge_content_type: "image/jpeg", adi_badge_file_size: 1147231, adi_badge_updated_at: "2019-02-21 16:34:17", address_line_2: "", town: "aberdeen", country: "Scotland", postcode: "", is_popular: false, availability_mornings: 0, availability_afternoons: 0, availability_evenings: 0, availability_weekends: 2, is_instructor_of_the_week: false, latitude: 57.1442, longitude: -2.09586, radius: 0.9e1, search_postcode: "AB11 5RG", is_pdi: false, review_count: 10, marked_fully_booked_at: nil, marked_available_booked_at: nil, availability_last_updated_at: nil, is_teaching_key_workers: true, is_deactivated: false, deactivated_at: nil, deactivated_by_user_id: nil, previous_profile_state: nil, deactivate_reason: nil>]


James W, Aberdeen

Great Instructor! Helped me pass even when my confidence was low! Brialliant. Thanks.

Ross Johnston, Aberdeen

Thanks karol, couldn’t of asked for a better instructor! :)

Marcel Helinski, Aberdeen

Thanks for everything Karol, been really good, definitely recommend!!

William Jago, Aberdeen

Cheers Karol Trzcinski been grea

Nicolas Mourelle Estevez, Aberdeen

I had a great time learning too. I'll remember all the yellow cars, green vans and motorbikes!!!

Zonghua Liu , Aberdeen

Many thanks to you for your help, my friend. You worked really hard to help me. Gladly, I did not disappoint us. There was much fun when I worked with you and I really enjoyed it. I will keep improving my driving by following every skill and advice you taught me. Thanks, again.

James Smith, Aberdeen

Thank u very much cant be greatfull enough for everything u did

Zofia Jeffreys, Aberdeen

Thank you 😊 very good teacher

Cong Lu, Aberdeen

Thanks Karol! It’s been awesome fun to drive with you!!!

Emily Mowat, Aberdeen

Thank you for your time with me- gave me all the confidence I need for my driving and encouraged me to be the best👍🏻Thanks Karol !!