Where are the best places to practice driving in Dundee?

Confidence is king when getting on the road and to passing your driving test. We recommend using retail parks for manoeuvre, experience the A90 and Riverside Drive for gaining confidence with speed. Ultimately, there are a large number of places around Dundee that are great to practice in.

By driving in different areas around Dundee, you're going to learn to recognise more places and situations, which will boost your experience and confidence.

Here's a few places to practice:

  • Around your own home
    E.g. Blackness Avenue, Dundee, DD2 1GY
    Familiar areas and roads are the best when starting out. If you have a road out of front of your home and are able to use the car of a friend or family member, it's a great chance to get familiar with car controls, checking mirrors, pulling off and stopping and other basic maneuvers.
  • Asda Milton
    Asda Milton, Dundee, DD4 7RX
    This Asda has a lot space at the back which is rarely ever used. Shopping centre car parks can be great places to practice turns and forward and reverse parking in to bays, as well as developing your clutch control.
  • A90 aka The Kingsway
    The Kingsway, A90, Dundee
    The A90 takes you all the way from the west of Dundee to the east, then up to Forfar via Forfar Road. This road goes from a 70mph road to a 50mph and then down to a 40mph. Great for practicing higher speeds.
  • West Pitkero Industrial Estate
    West Pitkero Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD5 2YS
    This estate is a great place to practice manuervers such as reversing around the corner, parking into and out of bays. The estate is quite quiet however, half Dundee do come here to pick up their undelivered mail - so watch out around the Post Office area.
  • Drybrugh Industrial Estate
    Drybrugh Industrial Estate, Dundee, DD2 3JP
    Simialar to West Pitkero. This is a spot which is fairly quiet that will allow you to get familiar with clutch control and moving the vehicle. Watch out though it is a popular spot for learners and driving instructors.