Female Driving Instructors in Plymouth

To learn effectively, student drivers need to be calm and comfortable. That's why we list all the information that learner drivers care about when booking their first driving lesson.

Here is our breakdown for learning to drive in Plymouth with a female driving instructor and driving school.

  • Number of Female Instructors: 1
  • Average Lesson Price: £38

It's important to learn to drive with someone you feel comfortable with. Whether that instructor is male or female, is fully up to the learner driver. If you have a preference then that will help put your mind at ease when learning to drive.

Driving Instructors


Driving Lessons in Plymouth

[#<InstructorProfile id: 1693, first_name: "Louise", last_name: "Nixon", dob: "2005-03-16", is_female: true, mobile: "07723517123", adi_number: "755830", car_registration: "BP21AHK", second_car_registration: "", car_make: nil, is_verified: false, user_id: 3552, created_at: "2019-11-19 19:15:36.000000000 +0000", updated_at: "2023-03-22 06:01:43.000000000 +0000", adi_cpd: nil, adi_cop: nil, claim_type: "cold", sign_up_step: "complete", started_teaching: "2016-10-01", availibility: "now", about: "I'm a very friendly and patient driving instructor...", profile_picture_file_name: "Lou.JPG", profile_picture_content_type: "image/jpeg", profile_picture_file_size: 1564804, profile_picture_updated_at: "2023-03-16 11:24:59.000000000 +0000", car_model: nil, car_colour: nil, car_engine: nil, car_transmission: "manual", driving_school_name: "Roadstar Driving School", does_allow_bulk_bookings: true, date_taking_bookings_from: "2019-11-01", number_of_free_referrals: -1, search_weight: 3, package_id: 8, has_reviews: false, review_average: 0.0, availability_token: "3331164e-33ca-4c07-9a0a-a4fe66db1bfe", facebook_url: nil, website_url: nil, registered_address: "", adi_badge_file_name: nil, adi_badge_content_type: nil, adi_badge_file_size: nil, adi_badge_updated_at: nil, address_line_2: "", town: "Saint Austell", country: "England", postcode: "", is_popular: false, availability_mornings: 0, availability_afternoons: 1, availability_evenings: 2, availability_weekends: 2, is_instructor_of_the_week: false, latitude: 50.3438, longitude: -4.76231, radius: 0.1e2, search_postcode: "PL25", is_pdi: false, review_count: 0, marked_fully_booked_at: nil, marked_available_booked_at: nil, availability_last_updated_at: nil, is_teaching_key_workers: false, is_deactivated: false, deactivated_at: nil, deactivated_by_user_id: nil, previous_profile_state: nil, deactivate_reason: nil, driving_school_url: "roadstar-driving-school", is_pending: false, where_did_you_hear_about_us: nil, text_message_intro: "This is Louise. I have just accepted your request ...">]